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Kamakura is a very old city in Kanagawa prefecture(*1).
And once a Shogun dynasty reigned this city.
There are many shrines and temples.
It's a very good experience to visit the city and get much knowledge about our history.
My family goes there every year, often at the beginning of the year.

*1 Kanagawa prefecture is next to Tokyo. And many Japanese major cities belong to it; Yokohama, Kawasaki and so on.
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1 Whew! Finally we arrived at Kamakura, and we got out of the station.
So many people!
At the beginning of every year many people come to Kamakura in order to visit temples and shrines. And my mother and I too, we wanted to pray there.
There are many queues in front of each ticket vending machine. All visitors buy the ticket as soon as they arrive at the station, because it's harder to buy tickets at the evening.
But now, I've lost the power to put myself at end of the queue.
What should we do?
2 Look! There stands a Torii (a gate inviting to the shrine).
Let's go to the most famous shrine in Kamakura; Tsurugaoka Hachimanguu.
It has a very long history too.
From this torii, there starts the approach way.
3 It's still a special day, although we came here the 5th January.
It's still O-shoogatsu (Year opening festival).
The approach is decorated with many lanterns
This path must be very beautiful at night.
4 We arrived at the entrance of the shrine.
Today we cannot use this bridge.
This arch bridge is a bit dangerous, and there are so many people.
It's wiser not to get over it.
5 I'm already tired!
I hate places filled with many people.
We cannot walk smooth.
Ouch, someone stepped on my foot!
The shrine building is still far.
6 Both side of the way, they sell many things.
Acorn candy? I've never heard of it. Is it really eatable?
I find many strange snacks here.
7 Oh, it took almost half an hour to get here.
You know this big tree? It's a Ginkgo tree of more than thousand years.
A shogun was assassinated by his nephew hiding in the shadow of the tree.
The stairs are really hard to climb up.
8 On the gate, there is a greeting "Kinga Shinnen" (A happy new year).
The shrine building is filled with ceremony participants.
I threw a coin into the box as many others do.
I prayed a short moment, you see, we must leave this place as soon as possible.
We cannot stay here long time.
I am sure that the shrine god cannot hear all people's wishes.
10 At the shrine kiosk they sell many things.
Ema : A wooden plate with a horse picture. On it we write our wishes.
Hamaya : An arrow that breaks unlucky.
Porte-bonheurs and many others.
11 Kamakura is very famous with wood carvings.
We visited a shop.
My mother always have many questions.
Oh, I must wait for a while.
I'm not interested in carvings.
Many Japanese ladies like Kamakura carvings. Kamakura carving is one of their most favorite hobby.
Their husband and children are often annoyed of mothers' hobby.
12 This is a very famous temple 'Hase Dera'.
This temple too has a very long history.
But, please don't ask me!
13 The temple building is very new.
Inside of this temple, there is a very large wooden statue.
It is really beautiful, and worth seeing.
Sorry! It's forbidden to take a picture of it.
If you want to see it, please come to Japan.
14 This temple stands on a hill, therefore we can see a panorama.
It's January, but it's very often sunny in Kantoo (includes Tokyo) area.
We buy some odango (rice sweets) and hot tee, and have a rest seeing a peaceful panorama view.
15 In this temple, there is a cave.
It's a strange feeling to get it through.
Inside, there are many candle lights.
People buy candles and put them inside wishing their health or lucks.
I feel this cave is filled with people's wishes, and I cannot breathe.
16 We always finish our Kamakura excursion with this special temple.
This temple is world famous, and maybe you know well.
17 A great Buddha (actually not Buddha) statue.
Once, there was a very large temple building to protect this statue.
However, a tidal wave washed it away.
18 The Buddha is good looking, isn't he?
I like this statue.
19 Let's see his back. You can see the windows?
Yes, you can get inside of it.
And the fare is very low.
But, I don't. It wouldn't endure my weight, because this statue is very old.
700 or 800 years old, I've forgotten.

Well, it's late, and time to go home.

Let's take pleasure in images of Kamakura, Japan

Official website of Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture