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Hello! I'm Seiciro, a Japanese living in Tôkyô. One of my hobbies is taking pictures.
Our country name is well known, but do you know actual Japan?
I show you my country with my pictures.
I hope you'll enjoy my site.


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1999 April 18


A beautiful April day I went to a park, which is very familiar to me since my childhood. This is my most favorite place in the World. This park's name is Bajikôen which means a park of horse affairs, and naturally you can see many horses and sometimes games
I hope you'll enjoy a wonderful day with me.
(Photos selected 99/10/25)

1999 April 28


A marsh where Mizubashô flowers bloom.

1999 May 3

Garden flowers

Flowers in my garden.

1999 June 19

Fukiwari torrent

Deep in a narrow valley a torrent was roaring.

1999 July 5

A parade at Asakusa

One April day I saw a very interesting parade at Asakusa.

1999 July 10


1,200 years ago escaping from wars many Korean people passed over the sea. They started their new life in Japan. This area still has exotic feelings. In middle of September, the wood along the river is filled with Manjushage flowers. There's a shrine dedicated to a Korean King. Let's start our excursion there. (Completely renewed 99/09/19)

1999 July 18

Carps in the sky

5th May is the day for children. Japanese parents let cloth carps fly in the sky wishing their children's healthy growth.

1999 July 18

Iris garden

June is rainy season. Iris flowers grow very well under the rain. Go to see Iris flowers to Meiji Shrine.

1999 July 25

Dance festival

Usually a Japanese community has a dance festival in summer, BON ODORI. Many people prepare a new Yukata (Kimono for summer) and practice dances. Dances are easy enough for everyone. Let's join to the dance circle!

1999 Oct 11

Festival night at a shrine

In Autumn, many shrines have a festival. Those festivals were meant for thanks for harvest. Because of my bad health condition, I couldn't have nice shots, and I got back home before the most interesting scenes. Still, I hope you'll get some interesting things on the album.

1999 Oct 24

One Autumn Day in Garden

I saw on TV that roses were in bloom. I went to my favorite garden again (Jindai Botanical Garden).

1999 Oct 31

Apple Orchard

North half of Japan is cold country and it produces apples. One day I visited an apple orchard. I like apples, but I could eat only one in this orchard.

1999 Oct 31

Zenkôji temple

Do you remember Nagano Olympic games of winter? In Nagano, there's a very old temple 'Zenkôji'. When I went there, many dressed children were there. They came to be celebrated for 7-5-3 festival. Girls of 7 years and 3 years old, and boys of 5 years old get celebrated on November 15. But, this ceremony takes places very often in advance.

1999 Nov 7

Chrysanthemum Exhibition.

Here came the season of Chrysanthemums. Foreign people don't know how much we love Chrysanthemums. Japan is well known as country of cherry blossoms. But, Japan is also chrysanthemum country, and lily country. Japan produced many kind of flowers.
I saw this exhibition at Shinjuku Gyoen (Shinjuku Garden).

1999 Nov 8

Agriculture Festival

My city, Hoya, is situated in suburb of Tôkyô. Still here remain farmhouses. They hold an agriculture festival in autumn. Let's see it! Wow, at the entrance a ship of vegetables accepts us. There are exhibition of bonsais and farm products.

1999 Dec 4

Autumn Leaves

Soon comes the cold winter. But, now it's a beautiful season. Trees turn their leaves into yellow, red or various brown. Let's have a beautiful sight outside.

1999 Dec 26


Near to Tôkyô station, a street of business was decorated with gorgeous illuminations. It's MILLENARIO, a decoration for celebrating the coming millennium. The street was in fantasy.

2000 Jan 2

Emperor's New Year Message

In the center of Tôkyô there's the Palace. The main gate is open to people twice a yearA the 2nd January, and the 23rd December (Emperor's birthday). We have not so many chances to get into the Palace area. Let's get inside, and today we can see Imperial family. Our emperor gives us the New Year's Message too.

2000 Jan 28

Shops at Asakusa

Many Japanese and foreign tourists comes to Asakusa. To Japanese those shops remind old memories. And to foreigners the goods gives oriental feelings.

2000 Jan 29

Paradise in a Greenhouse

Outside it's cold winter, but only with a few steps in, I was in a tropical island of the Pacific ocean. This greenhouse is in Yumenoshima (Dream Island). I think the name has a bit of truth.

2000 Feb 15

Plum Garden

Even in winter, plum blossoms give a strong and sweet fragrance. We don't need to stay home. The air is cold, but it's clean. The plum perfume makes our mind sweet.

2000 Feb 27 Sunday Afternoon Having nothing to do, I took a walk in Inokashirakôen (Iokashira park ; one of very famous parks in . There were several performances. 

2000 March 12 Early Spring The air is still cold, but spring is next to us. The sky is blue and early cherry blossoms are in bloom. Peaceful!

2000 March 22 A Square I often walk by this square. There are not so many interesting things here, but when the buildings of glasses reflect sun lights I stop my steps and I feel like I'm in high mountains. Do you laugh? 

2000 April 2 Cherry Blossoms Here came the season of cherry blossoms. All the Japanese are addicted to cherry blossoms. Our heart is floating in the air. I remember the old French song... 

Quand nous chanterons le temps des cerieses....

2000 April 6 Moats around the Castle. Chiyoda castle, which belonged to the Shogun dynasty, is surrounded by moats. On the banks there are many cherry trees. After praying at Yasukuni shrine, we enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

2000 April 23 Competition I went to the Bajikoen, and there I saw 37th horse riding competition of Korean and Kantô students (Kantô is the name a region of Japan, which includes Tôkyô. Under the soft Sun light I had a very pleasant time.

2000 May 17 Flowers in May This year roses in my garden bloomed so beautifully. But, it rains much and it ruins delicate flowers. I took pictures while they were in the best condition.

2000 June 4 On the street I had a walk looking for flowers, and I saw many flowers escaped from gardens. It's unbelievable to find out such pretty flowers walking on the street.

2000 June 10 East Garden The old castle area is divided into several parts. East part was the most important part in that era, and there were the tower and main buildings. Nowadays we cannot see ancient buildings, but we can enjoy a beautiful garden. 

2000 June 24 Rain in June Rain in June is like as thick fog. It penetrates into my heart to chill my mind. 

2000 July 11 Flowers in July Summer is near, but before summer we have a very uncomfortable rainy season. While the Sun was shining, I went to search for pretty flowers.

2000 July 20 Flowers in July II The sky is blue, the sun shines strong. It's hot!!! Flowers in this hot weather have strongly vivid colors.

2000 August 22 Pond of Lotuses A hot summer day I went to Ueno. There is a big pond where lotus flowers bloom. I believe Lotus is the most noble flower.

2000 Sep 13 On Boat At Asakusa there's a station for water buses. From here we can go to many places. Today I took a boat flow down to the Tôkyô bay.

2000 Oct. 15 City Festival Today, it is the festival day of our city, Hoya. This is the last one, because our city gets bind with a neighbor city. I'm afraid we'll lose this joyful festival day.

2000 Nov. 3 Bonsai of Chrysanthemum Do you know that not only trees but also chrysanthemums can be bonsais? Many Japanese amateurs do it. Please see their works.

2000 Dec. 10 Red Leaves Ten minutes by bicycle from my house, there's a park. This year the season of Autumn leaves came late, and I could enjoy this season there.

2000 Dec. 10 Night Market Twice or three time at the end of year depending year, a particular market is held in several shrine yard. There they sell only rakes. Rakes for gathering money and fortune. There come store, restaurant and bar owners to buy rakes. Rakes are too decorated and not used for usual purposes. You see, these rakes are port-fortunes. 

2001 Jan. 28 A Snowy Day This year it snows much here at Tôkyô. Yesterday, it snowed for the third time. Everything was covered with snow. I went outside to take the charms of the snow.

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1999 June 22

Visit to Jindai temple

A fair autumn day I went to Jindai temple
to refresh my mind.

1999 June 22

Visit to Kamakura

Every January, my family goes to Kamakura,
an old city, to visit temples and shrines.

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